BlackBerry PlayBook ups features, drops price

November 22, 2011 0 Comments

The BlackBerry PlayBook was an impressive tablet when released earlier in 2011, but an instant criticism was that it lacked native email and calendar apps. You had to tether it to your BlackBerry smartphone for these basic functions. As a result, it sales results disappointed its maker, RIM.

RIM has now announced that native email, calendar and contacts apps will come in a software upgrade. However, users will have to wait until February 2012. The fight to keep up with Apple's iPad may well be too late by then, as rumours of the iPad 3 release increase. Perhaps RIM could try to differentiate its tablet by including its popular BBM messaging service? Apple has iMessage on the iPad and the absence of BBM is an obvious flaw in the PlayBook's offering.

BlackBerry has also just announced that they will heavily discount the PlayBook in the US, with the base 16GB model being sold for US$199. No word yet on how this will flow through to Australian prices.

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