Microsoft announces its Surface tablet

June 20, 2012 0 Comments
Microsoft surface tabletMicrosoft has surprised and delighted many with the announcement of its Surface tablet. Positioned as an enterprise tablet, it combines the portability and user friendly nature of tablet devices with features for power users that are normally found in ultrabooks, such as a keyboard.
The screen is a little wider than the iPad's at 10.6 inches (vs 9.7 for the iPad). The screen ratio is more rectangular than the iPad, which Microsoft says allows better viewing of widescreen movies.
The standout feature of the Surface is the clever magnetic cover which has a full kwerty keyboard and trackpad on the inside (pictured here). There is also an integrated kickstand at the back of the device to allow use like an ultrabook.
The Surface will come in two versions for different users. A 9.4mm thick version weighing 590 grams and priced to compete with the iPad will run on the simplified Windows RT operating system. For professional and enterprise users who are used to Microsoft office products on their PC, there will be a 14mm thick version weighing a little less than a kilogram running the new Windows 8 Pro with a cost closer to that of an ultrabook.
There are no details of Australian release date or pricing as yet.

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